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Autumnal Exhibition and Night Visit in 2023 has ended.

The autumn exhibition and lighting up of the temple garden in 2023 ended on December 3. Thanks to the understanding of visitors, we were able to complete the event without problems. The temple will be open for regular viewing from December 4. Please be aware that some rooms will not be open for viewing on the day due to the removal work of the facilities for the exhibition

December 4, 2023
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Temple Bell Ringing on New Year's Eve

- Request -

Please refrain from useing private car on New Year's Eve to preserve the living environment of the neighborhood. Please use public transportation.

- The bell ringing on New Year's Eve -

  1. The temple gates will open at 9:00 pm and close at 10:00 pm. The bell ringing for the public perticipants will be limited for approximately one hour.
  2. Participation is free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no limit to the number of participants. Please note that the bell ringing will end before 10:00 pm.
  3. If there are many applicants, two or three people will be asked to ring the bell together. Please follow the instructions of the priest on the spot.

What is "Joya-no-kane" ?
The night of New Year's Eve is called "Joya". The temple bell is ringed 108 times on that night. The event is generally called Joya-no-kane (the bell ringing of the New Year's Eve). It is said that this practice originated in China. It is also said that the bell sound at dawn awakens people from sleeped wisdom, and the bell sound in the evening clears the selfish desires of human being. Buddhism tells us that we have 108 selfish desires. The bell is ringed 108 times to purify our soul and wisdom and to be ready to welcome the New Year.

December 1, 2023
Eikando Zenrin-ji

About Red Seal Services of Eikando (Shuin)

As part of our measures to prevent Covid-19 spread, we have only been offering red seals in the form of pre-writtern paper, but we have resumed to write a red seal on a red seal books since last New Year's Day. However, in two or more consecutive holidays and the Autumnal Exhibition period, we have accepted only the form of pre-writtern paper. The same measures will be continued this year. We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[Info] What is Shuin?
In the olden days, people wrote sutras and handed them to temples. The temples issue a red seal as a proof of receiving them. This red seal is a origin of Shuin. Even today, the red seal book is also called a sutra book, and it is common to receive an calligrapic signature and red stamps from a temple or a shrine. Shuin is proof of religious faith.
Some visitors to temples and shrines may think of it as a commemorative stamp that can be given at tourist sites, but it is important to understand the meaning of Shuin.

January 1, 2023
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Request for cooperation in the construction work

As part of the commemorative project for the 850th anniversary of Jodo-shu establishment, Eikando Hall and other buildings will be reconstructed. As a result, many construction vehicles will be entering the approach and parking lots. The work will last for a long time, and security guards will be posted at the precincts during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the works, and ask for your cooperation in following the instructions of the security guards.

January 1, 2023
Office of the 850th Anniversary of Jodo-shu Establishment
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Request to bring a shoe bag

In order to reduce plastic waste, it is necessary to reduce the use of plastic bags. At Eikando, we also handed out plastic bags as shoe bags, but we will stop the distribution of a plastic bag in stages over one year from July 1, 2020. In the future, we would like to request visitors of Eikando to bring their own shoe bag. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

January 1, 2023
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Beware of spoofed e-mails by the sender's name of Eikando !

Junk e-mails have been still distributed under the spoofed IP-address of Eikando.
xxxx@eikando.or.jp is the sender's address of those junk mails. The characters of xxxx are changed from time to time. We never send e-mails except for a reply for your inqliry.
Those spoofed mails may be in danger of a virus. When you receive an unexpected mail under the sender's address mentioned above, please deleted it without opening.

January 1, 2023
Eikando Zenrin-ji