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Jan. 01, 2017
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Information on Responsive Website

The site corresponds according to the screens
from the smartphone to the desktop PC

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablet terminals, the size of the terminal screen for browsing HP ranges from about 320px to more than 2000px. The conventional homepage was produced based on the screen of the desktop PC, and only a part of HP was displayed on the mobile terminal with small screen, and it was difficult to grasp the whole contents of the page. For this reason, responsive design HP, which respond flexibly to any screen size, is becoming popular.
Eikendo HP access is also more than half from smartphones or tablets. In response to this, we have also opened a site that adopted Responsive Design for the HP. Please use in conjunction with the conventional PC site. The content is almost the same as for PC, but it may happen that contents take time to download or are not displayed in older models. We recommend using high-speed line and the latest browser for browsing.

You can access the site :
· First navigation button "for mobile device" on pages for PC
· Japanese site:
· English site:

Feb 20, 2017
Eikando Zenrin-ji

Restoration work of Amida-do paintings completed

Amida-do, the main hall of Eikando temple complex, was moved from Shitenno-ji temple to Eikando in 1607. Historical documents say that Amida-do was decorated with many paintings to visualize the world of Pure Land. But 400 year-time makes the paintings fade out. Many parts of the hall were repainted over by urushi, a Japanese lacquer.
In 2006, a basic research was started to restore them. A painstaking work revealed that there were hundreds of patterns and figures on the beams and pillars in the hall. Researchers also found the handwriting by an ancient carpenter on an above part of a pillar. It says “ぬし やぎゅう・・・ 慶長十二年・・・”. “慶長十二年” means the year of 1607. This handwriting backs up a record of the historical documents.
Specialists traced these figures and restored the original images and also analyzed the painting materials. For four years, many paintings are restored. The work will be completed in October, 2010. A quarter of the hall is left without any work for the future research. The following pictures are some of the restored paintings.
When you visit Eikando, do not miss to appreciate the restored paintings with vivid colors and gold. You will be surely impressed by them, the world of Pure Land which was an image of the Buddha's world of ancient people. (2010)


Hiten (Heavenly music player )

An ornament of a pillar with gold foil

Hiten (part)

Zuicho (A kind of a bird in Pure Land )


Restored paintings on the beams